Ciaran Ernst-Russell

Hey There! I'm Ciaran, and I'm a full-time uni student, botanist, enviromental scientist and nature-lover living on Ngunnawal land in the Nations Capital. I have general expertise with plants of the NSW southern tablelands and a particular interest in plants the ACT. I love all groups of plants, but rushes and sedges are closest to my heart (at least for the moment ;). Plant moderator on the Canberra & South Coast region projects primarily, but I also have general coverage so do my best to get by in other regions as well. I will admit that i'm slightly addicted to the thrill of the outdoors, and spend as much time as I can exploring Australia's incredible diversity. I love rock climbing, hiking, camping & free diving; it's hard to fit everything in sometimes! I also try my best to upload a little slice of the diversity I encounter, though let's be honest it's mostly plants (what a surprise). I am also a member of the Canberra Nature Map committee. 

Current projects I'm working on: 

- Documenting a valid image voucher for each species of native plant in the ACT - currently at 805 species

- Constructing a comphresive flora list for red hill nature reserve - 130 species currently 

- Setting a baseline survey for each peak in the ACT above 1700m

If you're interested in what i'm doing, have any plant related queries, or would just like to go for walk sometime please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am always up for an adventure!

For those of us who also use Inaturalist, you can also find me at this address https://www.inaturalist.org/people/onetapir

Now, that's enough about me! Grab your camera and head on out there, happy naturemapping!

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