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Hi everyone,Late last year, with the help of accomplished ABC and SBS video producer, Richard Snashall, Lewis and I produced a short video designed to tell the NatureMapr story, and in particular, sho...

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jks wrote:
6 Oct 2023
OR is this Varanus panoptes?!

Varanus gouldii
Tapirlord wrote:
29 Aug 2023
Portulaca oleracea I think

Unidentified Cactus / Succulent
Tapirlord wrote:
29 Aug 2023
So, what you have here is the leftover bract from the fruits of a lolly bush (Clerodendrum floribundum). It's quite a common plant, found on the north coast of nsw all the way to this part of WA. The bracts go bright red once the fruits have dropped off, this species has lovely white flowers.

Clerodendrum floribundum
3 Apr 2023
We need a moderator to identify this awesome sighting!

Unidentified Anemone / Coral / Sea Pen
MattM wrote:
16 Mar 2023
I figured if I generalised the locations of my records I could get away with uploading them haha.

Tephrosia sp. D Kimberley Flora (R.D. Royce 1848)

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